Eagle Mfg. & Eng. was started in 1990, as a machining job shop. I purchased a milling machine with an Anilam control,  a 16x40 manual lathe, and appropriate tooling for both machines. Both machines were new when acquired, as I desired minimal machine problems. I've recently added a second CNC mill, also with a Anilam control. It's a 3 axis machine, but a little more automated than the first one. I now have a vertical machining center, too.

Some of the first jobs run on the mill were a P51 Mustang landing gear fitting, and the lightening of a BMW motorcycle flywheel. CNC milling of the flywheel was more accurate than was available at the time elsewhere. Several aerospace jobs kept things going, as there was still some aerospace activity in San Diego at the time.

Variety being the spice of life, all sorts of projects have been through here. Aerospace (parts for P51, MD11, 707, Stearman, Tomahawk, MX missile), automobile (1950's F100, generic tranny adapters), various motorcycle (all sorts of widgets), medical, sporting goods, etc. Design consulting and manufacturing engineering on most projects.

One of the owner's hobbies has been shooting - mostly handguns - at target ranges, and in organized competition. Within a short time of  Eagle's startup, people began asking "why don't you make a run of these?" So, scope mounts, magazine bottoms, expanded magazine wells, compensators, special sights, and extended magazine release buttons all found their way onto and off the mill.

A local guy kept coming around and asking for special tools and parts for various motorcycles. (that's also where the aforementioned flywheel came from). KLR650's, Honda Hawks, Suzuki GS's, and others all had some individual need.

A note on company philosophy: the goal has always been to make good quality, USER FRIENDLY, affordable parts. One of the things that sets Eagle apart from some other machine shops has been selection of materials. If a different alloy (steel or aluminum) seems to make more sense than a commonly used alloy (i.e. stronger part, better corrosion resistance, better finishing characteristics), that alloy will be used. The other thing is USER FRIENDLY. For example: scope mount development has included significant engineering effort to establish the correct angle for each application. Some other companies' mounts need the user to figure out the correct angle, in order to get the arm sighted in.

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