New!!! You can now order online at eaglemike.com!! We will be adding products and pistures to the store as fast as we can. Thanks for your support!

New! Oversize piston kits!

New !!! For all year KLR650 .5mm over forged piston w/rings and wrist pin. Made in USA! New displacement 658cc, lighter and smoother than stock. Large skirt is coated for long wear. Complete kit w/required gaskets $269.95 plus shipping.

The famous 685cc kit from Schnitz Racing, developed by the late Cary Aspy. Pricing and details the same as Schnitz Racing. This kit is 2.5mm over stock bore, used only in the cylinder assembly from a 1996 or later KLR650, unless you have a friendly machinist willing and able to bore your 1995/earlier block to fit and install the 1996 and later sleeve. You can bolt the 1996/later cylinder assembly on an early engine. These are often found on eBay, not as cheap as they used to be.

New !!! A 2.75mm over piston kit (this is .010" or .25mm). Large coated skirt, good rings, forged piston, etc. This is as large as one can go in the stock late model liner. This kit was developed for those that wear out a 685 and need a slightly larger kit. This results in a 688cc engine.

The 705 kit, again developed By Cary Aspy. This kit includes a special cylinder liner, forged piston, rings, wrist pin. The special liner is required. Extra machine shop work is required to remove old liner and install new one. This will likely run a little over $700 with all the parts, machine work, and shipping.

If you are local, I often have prep'd cylinder and piston kits ready to install. Figure about $425 for the 685 (with gaskets and machine work already done on the cylinder) and a few hours of your time. You won't believe the change. Smoother and more torque than one would expect from a 35cc change.

Import Auto Machine does all the machine work on my KLR650 cylinders and cylinder heads. They have proven themselves to be consistently good. I don't have the equipment to do this work, and I trust them.


New! I now carry a manual petcok that is a direct replacement for the KLR vacuum operated petcock. These are made by Yamaha, good quality stuff. $24.95 plus shipping.


Balancer parts fit all years.

Basic lever(doohickey) and 2 extension spring $39.95

Torsion spring (a better and totally different spring design) $13.95

Rotor puller $12.95

Rotor holder wrench $24.95

Gaskets, inner and/or outer $16.95 each

Rotor bolt (one time use, set 130 to 144 ft-lbs torque) $13.95

Prices do not include shipping. Usual shipping method at this time is USPS priority mail.

Full kit w/standard extension springs: lever, (2) extension springs, rotor bolt, inner and outer gasket, rotor puller, rotor holder wrench, $124.95

Full kit w/t-spring: doo, torsion spring, gaskets, puller, holder, bolt, $138.00

Choke and mirror relocation bracket 16.95 (for 2007 and earlier ,includes 2 stainless allen screws) black only.

Machined rear brake pedal and master cylinder mount with teflon sealed bushing 39.95, all years, black standard, silver on special order.

Handle bar risers:

.7 inch (Black or Silver), 29.95, all years, includes req'd bolts.

1.5 inch (Black or Silver) 29.95, 2007 and earlier might require re-routing choke cable. Can be used 2008/09 by some careful adjusting and re-routing of the wiring harness.

Subframe bolt kits:
-drill though with bits 24.00 (specify if using SW Motech bars)
-drill through without bits 19.00
-bolt upgrade only kit 5.00 (specify year)

Raising and lowering links for 1987 through 2007, and for 2008-2009 models,$69.95 (black hard anodized, guaranteed as strong as or stronger than stock parts, lifetime exchange)  Special pricing available with fork brace or balancer lever.

14, 15, 16, 17 tooth countershaft sprockets, including any required spacers, usually about $30 to $31, Sunstar. 43 tooth rear sprockets, stock or Sunstar. I also have some JT sprockets for less cost. The Sunstar wear the beat in my experience.

Prevailing torque nut for countershaft sprocket for 1996 through 2009 9.95

Shim kit for 1987 through 1995 countershaft, sometimes needed on later bikes, $9.95.

Carb screw kits: $5, fits all years, stainless.

Front master cylinder screw kit $2 all years, stainless.

Shark Fin rear disk protector, $70.95, 1987 through 2007, black.

Fork Brace $109, specify year. Drilled and tapped for lowered fender, hard anodized black.

Trail Jack (quick jack) Small enough to fit in a tool tube or tank bag, strong enough to hold the front or rear wheel off the ground. (please, don't tighten or loosen axle nuts while the wheel is in the air! Do it before lifting or after wheel is back on the ground!) 29.95

Low profile magnetic drain plug w/4 crush washers. $6.95 Not made by Eagle. Decent product, fair price.

I keep on hand spare woodruff keys for the crankshaft to rotor assembly, spare thrust
washers for the crankshaft to starter gear assembly, etc. If you run into an
issue when working on your bike and need help, I'll try, even on the
weekend. My cell number is in the instruction sheet with the lever and
spring kit (all the others, too.)


These prices do not include shipping! Usual shipping method is priority mail. In U.S. maximum shipping is 10.95 in most cases. Small parts are often shipped for $5.20. Shipping usually 3 days maximum in the US.

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