March 2009

At long last I'm starting to update this site. Keep looking for new products and information.

The .7" bar risers (approx 18mm) are now available in both silver finish to match the 2008 and 2009 KLR650's, as well as the black to match the 2007 and earlier.

Suspension links for the 2008 and 2009 are also available.

The balancer lever (aka doohickey) is still heat treated to H900 condition, as it has been since the beginning. It's still the stronger and toughest balancer lever on the market.

The torsion spring has been proven for quite some time. This is the best spring setup for the KLR650 balancer adjustment system. The spring has a longer adjustment life, is captured on install, and takes the slack out of the system in the best way.

I make rotor pullers, rotor holder wrenches, and have the necessay gaskets and rotor bolts available for purchase with or without the balancer lever and torsion spring.

I hope to have online purchasing available soon. For now, you can either call me or we can do the transaction through paypal.

Updated Feb 2006

New mirror mount/choke mount for the KLR650
A new mirror mount/choke mount for the KLR650 is now available. This is CNC machined from solid aluminum bar stack (often misnamed billet). This replaces the rear half of the factory mount for the clutch lever, and has the correct thread for mounting the KLR650 factory or aftermarket mirror, including the vibration isolators. A local rider that got one of the first mounts for testing reports that his mirror is much clearer with this mount. He had the mirror mounted with the vibration isolator in the factory location before, and just moved the parts to the new mount. This mount is tapped a couple of threads deeper than other aftermarket mounts similar to this one, so you can screw the stem in a little more to "tune" the vibration characteristics a little bit. The KLr650 choke lever is often damaged during even a light fall to the left when it's mounted to the factory left side switch assembly. This new mount also has the correct mounting for the choke lever on the back side of the mount, and almost entirely eliminates this damage possibility. This mirror mount/choke mounting is needed with the aftermarket push-to-cancel turn signal switch assemblies.

Retail $16.95

Raising links for the KLR650
These links are CNC machined from high strength aluminum solid bar stock, and hard anodized black.
These have been field tested for over a year now, and were originally designed for the (ahem) "standard" sized rider. A quick aside here - the KLR650 has ergonomics that are large enough for riders that can't get comfortable on smaller bikes. Sooooo - a lot of KLR650 riders are 200 lbs and up....The stock springing and shock damping seems to be set up for a rider of approximately 160 lbs, and a rider of 250 lbs soon realizes he has to run the preload max'd out, and often gets an uncomfortable ride. A new shock and spring assembly costs quite a bit of money. Even replacing a spring on the factory shock can be challenging for the average rider that doesn't have the proper tools.
The links can be changed easily with tools that would be used to accomplish standard maintenance on the KLR650, plus the addition of a small lift, jack, or sling. The change can be done in as little as 10 minutes. While you're doing the change, I would suggest you pull apart your entire rear suspension and lube everything, if you haven't done it before.
The original design, now called the RL-1 links, was set up to work with a rider 250 lbs or more. These met with great approval by all who met this criteria, but the links were too much for the 200 lb rider. The RL-2 links were then developed for the rider in the 200 to 250 lb range. There is some overlap. I realize that suspension setup and feel (ride characteristics) are subjective. Some of the 210 lb riders like the stronger links, as they ride mostly street, and often carry a passenger, or other load. Every rider that has actually installed and ridden with the links has been happy. If the damping in your factory shock is no longer functioning, these will not help! These links give the effect of a stronger spring and stronger damping. Many people have emailed me with positive feedback for these parts, and some of the remarks are here. Many other positive comments can be found on www.klr650.net, which is also a great place to learn about the KLR650, and meet other enthusiasts.

Retail $69.95 Easier to install than a spring, and cheaper. What's not to like?

Update Dec 2005
Many new products, as well as some in the works! Most everything is available from my friend Fred at Arrowhead Motorsports  www.arrowheadmotorsports.com. Some are also available from my friends at Happy Trails Products www.happy-trail.com .
A Top Rack for the KLR650.
A shim set for the early KLR650 (pre 1996) ouput shaft (aka countershaft), although many people are finding it useful for the later models as well.
A prevailing torque nut for the late model KLR650 output shaft (1996 and later).
Handlebar risers designed for the KLR650, although many other riders find them useful as well.
 I'll have a torsion spring for the KLR650 balancer system available in the very near future, sometime in early 2006.
If I don't answer the phone, I'm making stuff (& noise) in the shop,
or out riding!

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